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Sierra Helada Natural Park

Punta del Cavall.jpg

Undoubtedly the largest and closest natural area to Benidorm. If your dog is one of those who gets overwhelmed with crowds, in Sierra Helada you will find all the space and tranquility in the world to take a walk and enjoy nature together. And even travel its beautiful routes in this protected natural area.


The passage of vehicles is prohibited, but as there are several routes for hiking and cycling, the regulations suggest that your pet should be on a leash.


The entrance is in the Rincón de Loix, at the end of the Paseo de Levante, and it does not have much loss. If you come by car, there is a small parking in the vicinity of the park.

In Sierra Helada you can enjoy beautiful views of both the city from the Mirador de la Cruz, as well as the sea and cliffs along its length; or if you fancy an adventure and you dare to travel a route, you have the possibility of doing three, which we describe in the nature section of this same website.


Also in the vicinity of the Natural Park, in the Rincón de Loix, you can find several green areas where you can walk with your pet without so many crowds.

Tossal de la Cala

This impressive hill is located at the end of the Poniente area in Benidorm, and you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. This hill separates the towns of Benidorm and Finestrat, and in it you will find both a pleasant walk up to it, as well as a cultural visit in its highest part, where there is an open-air archaeological site recently "musealized" and enabled to facilitate visitor access. A bit of history at your fingertips.


In addition, it goes without saying that when you are in an area "high" above sea level, you will find an unbeatable panoramic view of the city of Benidorm from its viewpoint at the 'Hermitage of the Virgen del Mar'.


We break down more information about this place of interest both on our blog and in the section "what to visit in Benidorm".


Dog parks and areas to walk with your dog in benidorm


For a couple of years, this area of ​​recreation and recreation in the urban area has been open to the public, more specifically on Adolfo Suárez Avenue, located next to the Mediterranean Secondary Education Institute.


It has an area of ​​1,460 square meters, and includes a fenced dog park , so you can release your pet without problem. And there are different structures installed in it so that your pet can move freely, play and exercise. The walls of the dog park are decorated by the hand of a local artist, with a beautiful animal-themed mural.


In addition, in this area they have also provided picnic tables and bio-healthy elements so that you can also exercise and strengthen your legs, arms, hips or knees.


Very close to Avenida Adolfo Suárez, in front of the 'In Tempo' building (across Avenida del Alcalde Don Vicente Pérez Devesa ), you can find a large grove where you can walk your pet without the need for a leash (but always with caution), since It is not a very busy or well known area, here you can run, jump and play freely. with hardly any worries. On the map that we provide below, you can find the location.


Ciudad Real Avenue / Italy Avenue

Sèquia Mare Park / Marina Alta Avenue

Parque Marina Alta.jpg

Via Parque CV-7673

This area, as it is not part of the urban center of Benidorm proper, does not receive any particular name.


It is the parkway ( Carretera CV-7673 ) that connects the city with the industrial and commercial area of ​​Finestrat and with the Terra Mítica, Terra Natura leisure parks, as well as the Meliá Villa Aitana, Barceló Asia Gardens and the Helipuerto hotels.


Here, along the entire route, you will find on both sides of the road, numerous parking lots and rest areas with access to groves and natural spaces .


In them, you can let your pets run freely and sniff as much as they want since they are not areas with a large influx of people. Of course, you must be careful to wear a muzzle and be aware of your dog, since in this area there can always be someone taking a walk or doing a route by bike or motorcycle.

It is a really beautiful area, since if you climb to the highest parts, you will have a splendid view of the Benidorm skyline in the distance.


If you like to walk with your pet without stress, this is a highly recommended area , since almost no one knows it. In the link below we leave you a map where this area is located as well as the previous ones.


Pet beaches

near benidorm


Playa y Montaña Beach / L'Olla Beach / Altea

The 'Playa Mar y Montaña' is part of the 'Playa de l'Olla' located in the neighboring town of Altea. So it can sometimes lead to name confusion.


The 'Playa de l'Olla' measures a kilometer and a half and mixes bowling, rock and sand. It is located between two marinas and from there you can see the Peñón de Ifach.

In the area next to Porto Senso, you can find a space suitable for pets , which would be the 'Playa Mar y Montaña'.


It is a small area located on the northern coast of the town, near the Villa Gadea Urbanization, in the beach area between the port of ”Mar y Montaña” and the reef in front of the “illeta”. It is a non-urban area with little tourist influx, so it is frequented by neighbors who want to take a dip with their pets.


Its access is a bit convoluted due to the large number of urbanizations that are around. But if you come by car, it is best to find parking at Villa Gadea, both in the hotel car park and on the way down to the farm.


It is not for the exclusive use of dog owners and therefore has basic rules of coexistence such as collecting excrement and muzzling dogs of potentially dangerous breeds.

The beach , like all of Altea, is pebbled. It is clean water, semi-wild, without too many waves and with a fantastic bottom for diving.


Xarco Beach / The Vila Joiosa


The El Xarco Dog Beach in La Vila, was inaugurated in 2015, and to this day it is still open to our dogs. It is a small natural beach formed by gravel and rock located to the south of the city.


The right part of the beach is the one that is enabled for dogs.

The ordinance was approved on May 21, 2015, and since then there have been many "peludetes" who have been able to enjoy a great day at the beach with their owners.

Barranc D'Aigües Beach / El Campello

Located in the nearby town of El Campello, just 27 km. away from Benidorm.


The Barranc D'Aigües Beach is located next to the protected natural area 'la Lloma de Reixes', of great beauty, at the foot of the Watch Tower of the same name and protected by a small cliff. This natural beach, practically virgin and with pebbles, offers a bucolic image of the Costa Blanca.

At the end of it is the Barranc d'Aigües Pet Beach (access by Playa de la Lloma de Reixes ), and it is enabled for the presence of animals throughout the year .


Punta del Riu Beach   / El Campello


Also in El Campello , at the end of the Paseo Marítimo de la Playa 'Carrer la Mar' we find the mouth of the 'Río Seco', which forms an extensive beach that invites swimming and diving. It is called Playa Can, and it is an area enabled for the presence of animals throughout the year.

In addition, very close to this beach is a canine arche .


As a curiosity, in this area, at the end of the 19th century, the first shipyard was built, the seed of an important fishing industry whose vestiges survive in the Fishermen's Association .

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