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Levante beach, one of the most famous in the country and why not say it, on the Mediterranean coast. It limits to the north with the Sierra Helada and to the south with Punta Canfali. It has a length of 2,084 m. and an average width of 75 m. of fine and clean sand.

It is located in an urban environment, with street access. It has a promenade and delimited parking. It has access for the disabled. It is a marked beach. It has been awarded the Blue Flag since 1987 and has quality and environmental management certificates in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Q for Quality and EMAS Regulations.

It has several rescue posts, lifeguards and health care points.

Sand cleaning and waste collection service.

Safety indicator flags.

Meeting points and accessible points, managed by professionals in the sector and with all the necessary means (access walkways, adapted toilets, amphibious chairs ...).

Ecological toilets, bins and footwashers along the entire beach. As well as analysis and control of the quality of the water and sand.

Likewise, you have a multitude of leisure activities with which to have fun: children's play areas, recreational-sports areas, Biblioplaya, floating platforms, skates, kayaks, cable-ski, water activities ...

But if your thing is to lie down in a hammock and enjoy the sun, you can rent it next to an umbrella for an affordable price and thus make the most of the magnificent hours of sunshine from early to late at night thanks to the Levante orientation .

Along the entire beach, runs a bustling promenade full of restaurants, bars, pubs, ice cream parlors, nightclubs and places that give this area a great activity, with people of all nationalities, turning Levante beach into one of the liveliest and most fun beaches in all of Europe.

We could go on describing it, but you'd better come and experience it for yourself. What are you waiting for?

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And now it is the turn of the other great beach in Benidorm, the famous Poniente Beach. It limits to the north with the sports club and to the south with Tossal. It has a length of 3,100 m., And an average width of 110 m., Making it the longest beach in the city.

It is located in the heart of the city, and it is much quieter than its counterpart in Levante, with most of its tourists being Spanish nationals. The shops, bars and businesses tend towards an aesthetic and services aimed at a more national tourism. If you want to disconnect a bit from the night party, this beach will give it to you.

Like the rest of Benidorm's beaches, the Blue Flag has been flying in Poniente since 1987, a distinctive awarded by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and ports that meet a series of environmental conditions and facilities. And the 'Q' for Quality, delivered by the Institute of Tourism Quality for bordering on excellence in its services to tourists.

Throughout the entire beach you can find rescue and lifeguard posts, staffed by professionals from the sector.

Marking of the state of the sea and area of use of bathers. Ensuring correct visibility of all elements.

Cleaning service, collection and removal of waste, both in the sand and in the water.

Litter bins, toilets, footbaths and analysis and control of the quality of water, sand and ravine exit.

Meeting points, entrances, car parks, accessible points (such as access walkways, adapted toilets and amphibious chairs) ... You can rent hammocks and umbrellas to enjoy the sun without worrying about having to carry it yourself, and relax with a good book giving I use the Biblioplaya.

If you like to be more active, you have a multitude of leisure activities both aquatic (jet skis, kayaks ...), aquatic platforms and recreational-sports play areas. Without forgetting children's play areas for the little ones.

All these data are specified in the multiple information panels that users can find throughout the beach.

We recommend that you enjoy this area, it is worth it :)

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This small cove separates the two great beaches of Levante and Poniente .

It is located between Punta Canfali and the port. With an area of ​​about 120 meters, its fine, golden sand offers a calmer atmosphere.

In front of the beach is l'Illa de Benidorm that shelters a submerged platform known as La Llosa, an important Marine Reserve with excellent funds that are a gift for lovers of diving.

The quality of this beach makes it have a Blue Flag since 1987, and quality and environmental management certificates according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13009 (Q for Quality) and EMAS Regulations.


  • Length: 120 meters.

  • Average Width: 20 meters.

  • Maximum Width: 30 meters.

  • Minimum Width: 2 meters.

  • Sand surface: 2,400 m2.



  • • Surveillance / Lifeguard posts: 1

  • • Safety indicator flags: 1

  • • Access with walkway: 1

  • • Lavapiés: 4 modules with 2 pipes

  • • Bins for the collection of Urban Solid Waste: 5

  • • Bins for selective collection: 1

  • • Rental of hammocks and umbrellas

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At the foot of the Sierra Helada and the north coast of the municipality, this beach is located between steep cliffs. It is a small cove that will allow tourists to escape the hustle and bustle of Benidorm's busiest sandy areas, the Cala del Tio Ximo.

Combining the fine sand and the rock, this cove is an ideal place for snorkeling , since it has clear and crystalline waters, from where you can see beautiful rocky bottoms.

It has guard and lifeguard posts.


  • Length: 60 meters.

  • Type of Sand: Fine grain and rocks.


  • Surveillance / lifeguard posts: 1

  • Safety Indicator Flags: 1


With about 100 meters in length, Cala Almadrava is made up of fine sand and rocks. It is located at the foot of the Sierra Helada, which gives it a unique environment for relaxation and rest.

Its calm and transparent waters, together with its rocky bottoms full of aquatic life, have made Cala Almadrava a common place for diving and swimming.


  • Length: 100 meters.

  • Type of Sand: Fine grain and rocks.



  • Safety Indicator Flags: 1

  • Lifeguard Service: 1

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La Cala de Finestrat, formed by a charming bay of just 270 meters in length from “La Barreta” to “Sorigueret”, is protected by natural means from the large neighboring cities, becoming a peaceful corner where you can enjoy its crystalline waters and a very fine sand.

All the natural elements in Finestrat are in full harmony. For this reason, the majestic Puig Campana serves as a barrier against the north winds and provides the beach with a special microclimate that allows you to enjoy bathing in its waters throughout the year. In fact, the excellent quality of the water and the multiple services to residents and tourists are accredited with the Blue Flag that has been flying every summer for 30 years.

La Cala de Finestrat is a true reflection of the municipality. In it you breathe tranquility and calm. One of the pleasures that the visitor cannot miss is watching the sunrise or sunset from this privileged place on the coast. If you look at the sea, the picture you see is amazing. And, if you turn your eyes towards the mountain, you will be able to feel the intensity of the colors, their contrasts and the strength that nature gives them. Without a doubt, an irresistible invitation.

The advantage of having more than 300 days of sunshine a year makes it easy to practice all kinds of water and beach sports. In fact, in Cala de Finestrat it is easy to see windsurfers with their boards looking for the best waves to fully enjoy the sea, while many beach volleyball fans practice on the fine sand of this cove. In fact, Cala de Finestrat is home to the oldest beach volleyball tournament in Spain, which has been held every August 15 for 40 years.

Although it is not necessary to participate in large competitions to enjoy this natural space that offers many other services to its visitors: tourist information on the beach, daily cleaning, lifeguards, children's play area with awnings, bio-healthy park and an excellent restaurant offer , on the beachfront, where visitors can taste the exquisite cuisine of Finestrat.

This is the Cala de Finestrat, a natural treasure for everyone and for everyone.

Extension of the beach: 270 m.

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