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Comiendo paella



First of all, we want to clarify that this section is simply a guide to guide you regarding the different models of gastronomy in the different areas of Benidorm . We do not include names of specific establishments since the range is huge and there is no written law regarding types of restaurants in each area. There is literally everything , and if you look closely you can find high quality restaurants for all tastes in any of the areas that make up Benidorm.

" Bon Appétit! "

town center


If you are one of those who like to go for tapas or pintxos, this area of ​​Benidorm is the right one for you. The Old Town of Benidorm is full of bars both specialized in pintxos and restaurants with daily menus, at quite affordable prices.


In particular, the so-called area of ​​the Vascos , on Santo Domingo Street, named for the numerous Basque taverns that are clustered in this small pedestrian street. The street is full of tables and chairs where you can taste the many pintxos that its premises offer, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. If you are a lover of national gastronomy, you have certainly come to the right place. In the same street you will find some galleries in which the catering establishments specialized in tapas will also continue. All of them with exquisite tastings and wines .


Going out to the main street of the Old Town, the so-called Paseo de la Carretera, the most commercial pedestrian street in Benidorm, you will also find numerous restaurants and bars of all kinds, but above all focused on national gastronomy along its multitude of streets. intertwined. It is also worth highlighting Avenida Martínez Alejos, Calle Alameda, Calle Gambo and Carretera Doctor Pérez Lorca among others, where you will come across a multitude of terraces where you can enjoy the sun and a good beer.


If you enter the interior of the city, both in this Central Area and in Poniente, you will find many establishments that offer excellent meat , fish and seafood .


For vegetarians and vegans there is also some other ideal place where you can fill your crop without worries. As we have said before, there is something for all tastes without exceptions.


poniente area


In this area there is food for all tastes and pockets. If you enter Calle Alameda and continue along Calle Major, you will reach the area of ​​the mythical Mirador del Castell, which separates Levante from Poniente, and where apart from finding wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, you can also enjoy more than one restaurant, gastrobar or seafood restaurant at the foot of the adjoining buildings.

Going down the stairs towards Cala del Mal Pas is located the Club Naútico or Puerto Deportivo de Benidorm, in whose building there is an excellent restaurant with a terrace overlooking the port where you can also enjoy the magnificent sun that bathes Poniente Beach.

Going further towards the Paseo de Poniente , the width and length of it can visit a multitude of restaurants, brasseries, cider houses and gastrobars . Undoubtedly this area is more specialized and intended for visitors of national origin , so that in its menus and specialties you will find great samples of Mediterranean cuisine . Personally we recommend that if you want to try a good paella on the seafront , in this area you will find the ideal restaurant.

As you move along the Paseo de Poniente (Avenida de la Armada Española and Avenida Vicente Llorca Alós) you will see a large number of establishments that offer you food of all kinds, from Italian restaurants, taperías and coffee shops to lounge bars. As you progress along the Paseo de Poniente, entering Finestrat until you reach the spectacular Pasero de Tamarindos, where Poniente Beach ends, you will find a proportional tranquility , since this area is less crowded and is more residential than its Levantine counterpart.


levante area


The Levante area is undoubtedly the most international in Benidorm, so apart from being the one with the most activity and visitors from a multitude of nationalities, there are also restaurants, brasseries, cafes and pubs of all kinds scattered both inside and around the Promenade. Of course, many of them focused on fast food or take away .

As this area is more intended for leisure, it houses more bars and clubs than restaurants proper, although if you go into the interior of the area , you will also find places to eat well and at an affordable price , such as Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, pizzerias , hamburgers or kebabs. As well as restaurants and hotels with a menu, buffet or specialties. As the British are the largest audience, there are also pubs where you can enjoy an English breakfast with all the letters, highly recommended.

At the end of the bustling Calle Gerona (there are not only nightclubs and entertainment bars), very close to the downtown area, you will find a pedestrianized section with several excellent quality restaurants, with Mexican food and several steak houses among others, and a couple of streets later, establishments such as an Andalusian tavern or a grocery store. As we have said, in Benidorm there is everything , not because this area is more bustling will there be lower quality restaurants, far from it, you just have to search. Not everything is a party in the Levante area.

Ancla 3

rincOn de loix


Arrived in this area, it means that you have already traveled the Paseo de Levante in the direction of Sierra Helada. In this typically English area , you can come across a multitude of pubs that offer typically British food, such as 'English breakfast' or 'fish and chips', and all of them with very cheap prices. But in turn also several international franchises fast food (hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza ...), concentrate and many kebabs and Chinese and Indian food. Something that does not take away so that you can taste a tasty barbecue in the odd brasserie located in this area of ​​Benidorm.

On the other hand there is always a mythical and very helpful establishment open 24 hours a day at the beginning of Calle Gerona (This street crosses both part of Rincón de Loix and the Levante area)   in which you can eat there or order take away from an abundant menu at any time of day.

Entering the Rincón de Loix , you will find a large number of British pubs and sports bars where you can watch all kinds of sports on their giant screens and enjoy the sun with a beer on their terraces.

On the other hand, if at the end of the Playa de Levante, you go up Calle Alcalde Manuel Catalán Chana, at the foot of the Sierra Helada, you will find a restaurant with incredible views of the entire coast of Benidorm.




Although properly said, Finestrat counts as an independent municipality from Benidorm, being practically together due to the growth of the urban nucleus of both towns, it can be considered as another area to enjoy both its beach and the excellent restaurants that are found here .

In this cove, you can find high-quality taperías and restaurants, where you can taste excellent Mediterranean cuisine, such as seafood, rice and paellas ...

You will arrive at this area by crossing the Tossal del la Cala, which is what separates Poniente Beach from Cala de Finestrat. Here you will also find greater tranquility and a totally different environment from other areas of Benidorm, as well as excellent views of the sea and the imposing Puig Campana.

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