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the sources of the algar

The Fuentes del Algar (or Fonts d'Algar) are a natural sight in the interior of Callosa d'en Sarrià , a small town 16 kilometers from Benidorm. It is a set of waterfalls connected by small water channels or rivers where we can bathe. These natural pools are a great tourist attraction.


They are located 3 km from the urban center of Callosa de Ensarriá , in the direction of Bolulla and Tárbena . The visit consists of a journey through a 1.5 km long circuit along the Algar river bed ("cave" in Arabic) to see the landscape resulting from the karst modeling of the limestone rock. With spectacular waterfalls, numerous springs that sprout from the rock, the "tolls" (pools of water) where you can take refreshing baths with pure and crystalline waters, formerly considered as a "source of health", the old dam, the imposing Canal and centenary ditches still in use today are some of the attractions that can be enjoyed in this place.


During this journey the river carries an abundant amount of cold water from the mountains , forming waterfalls and natural reservoirs through gorges and with abundant Mediterranean vegetation . During the summer most of the flow comes from the wells located at the source of the springs and then pumped to the Guadalest reservoir.



The sources of the Algar river constitute a natural area with a high degree of conservation of ecological wealth and endowed, at the same time, with tourist services and environmental education. This space was declared a protected Wetland Area by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2002.


It is undoubtedly a true "natural theme park" on the importance of water as an ecological, economic and cultural resource. In the future, the creation of an Environmental Education Center on this vital resource is planned.


On the other hand, we also have to tell you that for its care and conservation you have to pay a ticket whose price varies depending on age and if it is low or high season. The entrance is not expensive at all.





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