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Well, Benidorm will finally celebrate this year with almost absolute "normality" its long-awaited edition of the Major Patron Festivities. They will be between November 13 and 17 and will be carried out in larger places and of course with mandatory sanitary measures, so this year the supporters clubs will not be able to open, as they cannot comply 100% with the measures required by the public health regulations, since being very close together they would cause an agglomeration in them.

In any case, it has been confirmed that most of the main events scheduled for the Holidays will be held without any problem, with minor modifications, such as the Masses, which will be outdoors or the processions, which will change their itinerary. The procession of the 'Verge del Sofratge' will begin in the Plaza de Sant Jaume and, from there, take Carmela Martínez street to the Plaza del Torrejó, a point where the public can be incorporated, and thus avoid crowds.

Everything will start on Saturday, November 13 with the now traditional "aerial bombardment", and thus mark the beginning of the party after all this long time of hiatus after the pandemic. This event will be allowed access to "residents in the area and those who participate in the events", but we can enjoy it almost from anywhere in the city.

The Band Entry will also take place, which will conclude with the Benidorm anthem at the legendary Julio Iglesias Auditorium.

The location of the staging of the "Finding of the Mare de Déu del Sofratge" will also change, which will move to Bilbao street on Levante beach, and the 'Floral Offering', which will take place from the Avenida Europa, Avenida del Mediterráneo, Plaza de la Hispanidad, Calle Gambo, Martínez Alejos and Calle Alameda. Schedules will be made so that the visit to it can be staggered.

On the other hand, the route of the float parade has yet to be determined for November 16, as it will depend on the number of participating floats.

But the most important thing is that on the big days of the Fiestas, Benidorm will once again have live musical performances with 100% of the capacity of the Julio Iglesias Auditorium with a capacity for 3000 people. In future posts and in the agenda we will specify who will be the artists who will perform.

By common sense and due to the regulations, there will be no popular festivals or correfocs, but there will be Fair of Attractions and 'Porrat'. The Fair will be officially opened by the 'Queens and Ladies' on November 12 and will be located in the Fairgrounds.

The number of attractions will be minimally reduced to expand space and there will be private security.

The traditional 'Porrat' will be staged in the Emilio Ortuño street as usual, and will also start operating on November 12 until Sunday 21.

According to the Benidormenses authorities "80% of the planned events will be held," but underlining that all of them will comply with the regulations, avoiding overcrowding, maintaining a safety distance and wearing a mask.

Although there are certain changes and it has to be celebrated with the mandatory security measures, we are excited that the Major Holidays are back after so long. We will write a more detailed schedule shortly. :)


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