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Benidorm's beaches are famous for their excellence in terms of water quality, sandy areas and the services they provide to their users throughout the year. And there are months, like those of summer, and with this heat wave, which are full of bathers eager to cool off in its clean waters and sunbathe. For this reason, there are also many people who, on some days, prefer to be calmer in another cove, swimming pool or even other natural bathing areas.

Benidorm is surrounded by mountains, so in this post we will tell you which are the best natural bathing areas that you can find on the Costa Blanca.

Nature has been in charge of giving us some of the best interior natural pools. Areas in which the water, often coming directly from the interior of the mountain itself, is much colder than that of the Mediterranean and, therefore, provides greater relief from the summer heat. It is a different, fun proposal for the whole family.

Fonts de l'Algar

In the very close town of Callosa d'en Sarrià, 19 km from Benidorm. They are a set of waterfalls and natural pools connected to each other.

An idyllic place full of Mediterranean vegetation where you can enjoy with your family and take a dip in its refreshing waters from the mountains. You can also take the opportunity to visit the beautiful Callosa d'en Sarrià town or take a route through the Sierra de Bernia.

In our web leisure section and on the blog you will find more details about these awesome fonts.

Gorg del Salt

In the town of Planes, north of the province of Alicante. From here you can start a hiking route. Also full of typical Mediterranean vegetation, the path reaches the 'Barranc de l'Encantà', where you will find several natural gorges that end in a natural pool forming the 'Gorg del Salt', a 5 meter waterfall.

Alt de Senabre

In the town of Lorcha. The Serpis river with 75 km of riverbed extends from the Font Roja in Alicante to its mouth in Gandía, already in the province of Valencia. And as it passes through the small town of Lorcha (beautiful) there is a recreational area called 'Alt de Senabre'. You can even bring your pet and spend a great day on its interior beach.

Molí L'Ombría

Located in the town of 'Banyeres de Mariola', and belonging to the 'Ruta Azul del Alto y Medio Vinalopó'. It is a construction created at the end of the 70s to divert the water from the Vinalopó River. So what begins as a small stream ends up in several pools with natural water. All this surrounded by recreational areas, where we can eat, sunbathe or simply rest.

It can be accessed on foot from the parking garage a few meters from the pond.

La Rambla de Puça

Another small but beautiful place located between Elda and Petrer. It also invites you to take a small route and enjoy mills and waterfalls. It is a route for any age since it is flat, until you finally arrive with 'El Salt', a waterfall 15 meters high in a natural pool that calls us to bathe, the water is very clean.

As you can see, not everything is a beach, the Costa Blanca also offers beautiful and refreshing natural corners.

(Source: AquíEnBenidorm)


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