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The end of restrictions for travelers from the United Kingdom are finally bringing the long-awaited British tourism during this month of October. The end of the famous "ambar" traffic light has led to the reopening of many hotels and bars that had been closed for months awaiting the increase in English tourists.

As of October 4, the British tourist will be able to fly to Spain without the obligation to present the PCR upon their return. In addition, the end of the restrictions coincides with the 'mid term', the period of school holidays that they enjoy in the United Kingdom at the end of October. Days in which families take the opportunity to travel, and this year they have set their goal one more year on the Costa Blanca and Benidorm in particular, a destination they have not been able to come to in summer.

Interest in the Costa Blanca is noticeable above all in inquiries about vacational apartments, accommodations that reduce social interaction with other clients and promote social distance, unlike in hotels.

According to tourist associations of the Valencian Community, the United Kingdom market continues to climb percentages and it is expected that it may skyrocket as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

On the other hand, in Benidorm, "the gradual increase in the British market is notable, which continues to grow with respect to recent records and reaches 19.1%, being the second most representative market behind the national (69.1)" . In the month of September, the average occupancy data improved and amounted to 73.7%.

For the last week of September there was an occupancy of 61.4% (from September 27 to October 3). However, this forecast has been exceeded thanks to last minute bookings. The month of September 2021 therefore ends with an average occupancy of 68.4%. The highlight has been the "consolidation of the British market in Benidorm, representing more than 16% of the total number of foreign tourists this month despite the restrictions". There are currently 97 hotels open in Benidorm, that is, 85.8% of the total.

Although most tourists are making reservations with a view to 2022, (since they usually book well in advance), there has been a notable increase in interest for the month of October. The points of the province that more British tourism could receive in that 'mid term', according to these sources, would be the Vega Baja, the Alicante area and, of course, Benidorm.

Benidorm awaits you.


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