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After almost two years of uncertainty due to the global health crisis, it seems that citizens and tourists who want to visit Benidorm can finally see the light behind the long tunnel. Hotel establishments and companies begin to reopen their businesses.

In recent days Benidorm has experienced an increase in the places available in tourist accommodation as well as the incorporation of 3,000 more in the hotel market.

According to the Benidormenses authorities, this figure suggests an almost total reopening of accommodation in the city, of which 15% were still closed this summer.

This great news is due to the fact that the British market is waking up after the restrictions in its country, which is increasing slowly but without pause, with 5% of the occupation in summer, now it has reached 15.7%, so which is expected to continue to rise in the coming weeks. Tour operators, seeing the interest in traveling, have launched package tour offers.

In addition, according to the British press, there is talk of eliminating the mandatory PCR for those citizens who have already received the double vaccine, at the same time that it is proposed to eliminate the famous "traffic light" in relation to tourist destinations according to the evolution of the pandemic in other countries. Undoubtedly, news that sows hope that in the coming days for Benidorm to recover the volume of its tourism in the autumn and winter months.

The city's entertainment venues are also experiencing this reopening with enthusiasm, since most of them, which were closed in summer, are reopening their doors as they contemplate the arrivals of their most loyal public, the British.

Summer in Benidorm has been "saved" practically by national and family tourism, in addition to the presence of multitudes of tourists of other nationalities such as Belgians, Dutch or French. Now that the school year and routine have begun in Spain, it is expected that if all the circumstances envisaged in the United Kingdom are met, it is estimated that in mid-October much better numbers can be achieved than last year, and bordering on those of 2019.

(Source: AlicantePlaza / ElPeriòdic)


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