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Benidorm, as the tourism capital of the Costa Blanca, offers endless possibilities when it comes to making plans. And apart from the tourist leisure itself, the sun or the beach ... it is also the nucleus of many places in which to dedicate oneself to health and wellness.

Last week at the congress held in a spa near the town (one of the most important in the country), the main hospital companies dedicated to health and experts from this sector, developed common strategies to collaborate and place even more if possible , to the Costa Blanca as a reference destination for wellness tourism.

Due to the global health crisis that has been suffered, a great future is forecast for the health sector, "the post-pandemic world will exalt life, time, health and wellness, and health tourism is the answer to combat mental burnout from COVID-19 ". With these words it is intended to promote this sector in the Valencian Community, in order to relate and make known to the world that the Costa Blanca and health go hand in hand and at the forefront in terms of safe tourism.

The sector is not stopped, far from it, it is rearming and preparing for a change that is mandatory, with the best professionals and the necessary improvements to enjoy a summer in the best possible safety conditions.

"Wellness tourism is a sector that had already been growing by 43%, but with the pandemic it would grow even more, despite not having a specific promotion as such," stressed the director of the Costa Blanca Board of Trustees, José Mancebo. "The good news is that tourism will continue to rise and also with a higher visitor profile. The stays are also higher, so it is very interesting to destinations with enormous accommodation capacity, such as Benidorm," he added.

The weather in Benidorm is really unique and pleasant. / Photo: @mi_wel

Also in the opinion of the head of the Board, the Costa Blanca health and wellness tourism destination has managed to position itself beyond the general attributes of the destination and currently enjoys a very good reputation. It has an important portfolio of specialties: "There are two motivations for visiting the Costa Blanca; because it is the destination that it is and the portfolio of services it offers, including wellness services," he said.

The Costa Blanca and Benidorm have the perfect destination and they have the product. With an enviable environment and climate, low infection rates and increasingly equipped and specialized facilities in terms of wellness and enjoying a healthy vacation. They are the order of the day and ready for the imminent summer.

(Source: AlicantePlaza)


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