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Thanks to the 'Tourism Sustainability Plan', the macro-project financed by the Benidorm City Council, the Generalitat and the Tourism Secretariat, the construction of the 'Sea Classroom' on the first line of the Levante beach has finally been approved. It is planned to convert the current space into "a new cultural, historical and pedagogical resource" that will allow to know "the maritime history of Benidorm, linked to the Merchant Marine, fishing and trap; and show the environmental value of the marine environment ”.

The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, explained that "the Sea Classroom is projected on the 1,445 square meter plot located at 35 Madrid avenue, which previously housed the so-called‘ Martínez Alejos chalet ’". Property of the State, the City Council obtained at the end of 2018 the concession of this plot for a period of 15 years with the possibility of another 15 of extension and with zero cost for the municipal coffers.

The construction for its part will be made up of three modules that will house an exhibition hall, a space for projections and public toilets. The rest of the plot will be configured with a garden with shaded areas and a promenade facing the sea, topped with a pavement in different blue tones, thus giving continuity to the green space of the Paseo de Levante.

Apart from this 'Sea Classroom', the 'Tourism Sustainability Plan' includes another 18 actions to be implemented from now until 2 years from now. Revolving around fundamental pillars: ‘Infrastructure, more accessible and sustainable connected tourism resources’; ‘Management, intelligent planning and creation and diversification of tourism products; ‘Competitive transformation’; and ‘Hygienic-Sanitary Security’. It should be noted that part of this project is to finalize the fourth phase of the musealization of the 'Castellum' del Tossal de La Cala.

In addition, the Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and Circular Economy will be carried out. Which will include the installation of environmental sensors and entry filters to low-emission zones, an area that has already been delimited in a first phase and that is expected to begin in October.

Added to this is the incorporation of risk management programs and safety and hygiene protocols, and the training of both managers and organizations for the creation and management of safer tourist experiences, so traveling to Benidorm will be safer than ever.

(Source: Elperiòdic)


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