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With the arrival of July last week, a multitude of services and plans available in the city of Benidorm have returned to "normal" operation. Among them are the long-awaited theme parks, which after almost a year of closure and preparations, have reopened to the public with the mandatory health security measures since last July 3.

It is well known by all that Benidorm is a city with a huge range of possibilities dedicated to fun for decades. And good proof of this are the many theme parks that it has, with attractions for all ages and tastes. So enjoying a day with family or friends in its facilities will delight anyone.

The largest and perhaps popular is 'Terra Mítica', which partially reopened last Saturday with two areas for family and aquatic leisure: 'Iberia and Las Islas'. With attractions to unload "adrenaline" like the 'Cholera de Achilles' or 'The Rapids of Argos'; or simply being able to relax in the largest outdoor spa area with 1700 square meters, with elements such as water beds, waterfalls, swimming pools, fountains ... In addition to attractions for the little ones.

In the same way, these two large venues host large-format auditoriums to accommodate the most surprising shows without sacrificing security measures. Among the novelties of this year, the multidisciplinary show 'Iroko' stands out, with acrobats, dancers, swimmers and numerous artists, which will be represented at the Barbarroja amphitheater, in Iberia.

Well, starting tomorrow, July 10, 'Terra Mítica' will reopen yet another area, 'Rome', located in the center of the park, it is one of the most emblematic. With rides of maximum adrenaline such as Tornado, Flight of the Phoenix (free fall of 54 meters in just 3 seconds in which you can even see the sea) or Inferno, the vertical roller coaster.

On the other hand, the mythical 'Super Aqualandia' has also reopened its doors to visitors. A huge water park located in a natural environment full of Mediterranean vegetation, with services and fun for all ages.

As it were, it has attractions at three levels: Children's, Moderate and "Radical". Their names already make it quite clear what each level consists of. The 'Big-Bang', the highest slide in Europe, and the 'Verti-Go', the highest capsule slide in the world, are in this park, so if you are a lover of water and adrenaline, you have a pending visit. But there are also areas to cool off with the family and with the little ones: such as 'La Laguna', 'El Géiser' or 'El gran Jacuzzi Igazu'.

The current security measures are followed throughout the park, and in each attraction you will find information regarding the correct use of them, as well as a lifeguard service.

But if you want to enjoy a park without leaving Benidorm, this year the famous 'Festilandia' has been remodeled, which is now called 'Sould Park'. It is a playground with outdoor attractions and another indoor area with digital games. It also has a bar where they also offer food.

If you want to know more about the theme parks in our city, be sure to visit the corresponding section in our leisure section.

Benidorm is fun for everyone :)


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